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What is the Compass parent portal?

The Compass parent portal will become the primary means of communication between the school and home. Eventually, it will also be used to manage school fees. As soon as you receive your password you will be able to do the following:

1. Email address and mobile phone number - update your details through the portal. The details listed will be used to send emails and SMS alerts.

2. News Feed – the school will post news to parents to remind you about events and activities at the school. Your news feed will be customised, showing only the information relevant to you and your children. (This will eventually replace Skoolbag)

3. Attendance - view your child’s attendance online, approve absences, and indicate future absence.

4. Newsletter – the newsletter will be published on Compass and parents will be able to login to view it each fortnight.

5. Teacher email – parents can email their child’s teachers directly through the app.

6. Excursions – approve your child’s participation in excursions and other special events.

7. Parent/Student/Teacher interviews - make appointments with teachers.

8. Student reports - instantly access all existing student reports from K-6

9. NAPLAN reports - access historic NAPLAN reports through the portal     

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