For Parents

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Parental involvement is vitally important and necessary to the life of the school.

We see it as building a partnership between parents, children and teachers, while supporting the faith and values we share as common beliefs.

St Gabriel’s School and community work together to ensure the children receive the best possible education in a supportive family atmosphere.

Principal's Advisory Council

The Principal's Advisory Council (PAC) is composed of a number of parent representatives as well as the Parish Priest, the Principal and the Assistant Principal. The PAC meets twice a term to assist the school in achieving its goals through the encouragement of social interaction, participation in educational programs, and fundraising.

Class Parent Association

Each class is represented by two or three class parents. Class parents are responsible for organising specific fundraisers allocated to their grade, school discos, social outings and communication amongst class families and the school. There is one meeting each term.

Class parents are a valuable asset to our school community as they encourage a friendly and inclusive environment.


The parent community makes a significant financial contribution each year to the school through fundraising. The Class Parent Association works with the Principal to discuss and evaluate various ideas and activities for fundraising and social events. The money raised is used specifically to update and expand the school's resources to enhance the children's learning. There is a strong focus on social interaction and being welcomed into the Community through fundraising and social events.

Family Educator

As part of our ongoing spiritual connection with the parish, the school has appointed a Family Educator to support and encourage families and students in their life-long faith journey and to promote family wellbeing.