For over 180 years Catholic schools have provided education for young Australians and have supported parents and carers in their role as the first educators of their children. In choosing a Catholic school for their children, parents are very conscious that this will involve making a financial contribution towards the cost of providing that education.

The schools of the Archdiocese have been established over many years by the generosity of parents, parishioners and the religious and staff in our Catholic schools.

This school is one of 149 primary and secondary schools that form the Sydney Archdiocesan System of Catholic schools. There are over 62,000 students enrolled in these schools. The Catholic Education Office has the responsibility of leading and managing the system of schools.

The funding of these schools is a shared responsibility between Australian and State governments, parents and parishes.

The Australian Government provides about 55% and the State Government about 22% of the income needed to fund the system of schools. The contribution of Governments to the running costs of our schools needs to be recognised, appreciated and also guarded.

Parents contribute over 20% to the funding of the parish primary schools and regional secondary schools of the Archdiocese. This financial contribution is essential to providing the best possible educational opportunities for the students. The continuing support of parents is greatly appreciated.

The fees charged at this school are made up of:

  • The Archdiocesan Tuition Fee. This fee level is set each year by the Sydney
  • The Parish School Levy. The income from the levy assists in the repayment of loans for school buildings, repairs and maintenance and building insurance.
  • Local fees and charges. These are set by the school finance committee and are used to pay for school resources, educational activities, subject charges and other operational costs such as electricity, water, council charges and contents insurance.

For families with more than one child, or with children attending other Catholic schools within the Archdiocesan system of schools, sibling and family discounts apply to the Archdiocesan Tuition Fee and to the Parish School Levy.