For Parents

Parents and Friends Association

The major objective of the Parents and Friends Association at St. Francis Xavier School is to work in partnership with the Principal and Parish Priest in all matters relating to the interests and needs of the school and its students.

This is generally achieved through the term meetings which all parents are encouraged to attend. The focus of the Association at St. Francis Xavier is to:

  • provide a means of social interaction for families within the school community
  • to provide the opportunity for parents to understand current educational research and development within the school through parent education sessions
  • to raise funds as deemed appropriate to provide facilities, services, equipment and activities for the educational development of children within the school and to support classroom teachers in their classroom role.

Membership of the Association is open to all parents and guardians of children attending the school and to friends of the school who are interested in promoting the interests of the school.

Meetings are held each term and are advertised in the school newsletter. The Annual General Meeting is held in February of each year with the election of office bearers for the year being conducted at this meeting.

You are encouraged to attend the meetings and the functions organised by the Association throughout the year as your support will ensure the s

uccess of the Association. Our children benefit greatly from the involvement of all families.