Catholic School Curriculum

The curriculum of the Catholic School aims to promote the development of students in a faith filled environment so they can contribute to society from a Christian Gospel perspective.

At SFX we follow the Archdiocese primary Religious  Education program and use the 'To Know, Worship and Love' text books

Australian Curriculum

The New South Wales Education Standards Authority(NESA) is responsible for the development of the NSW curriculum from Kindergarten to Year 12. The key learning areas are English, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Personal Development Health Physical Education, Creative Arts, Geography and History.

Information about the NSW Curriculum can be found at

Diverse Learning

Children at St Francis Xavier School have access to support through their class teacher. Support staff assist students with individual learning needs. These programs aim to meet the needs of students, from those who need extra assistance in learning to those who are highly capable. Liaising with outside specialists (speech therapists, psychologists etc.) is encouraged and seen as an important part of planning for a student's needs.

Parents of students with specific learning needs are requested to make an appointment with the Principal to discuss any concerns.

Extended curriculum at SFX include:

Language Program

An Italian Language program is provided for children in Kindergarten to Year 6 through CO-AS-IT. This program promotes the culture and oral language of Italy.


At SFX we ensure that a well-balanced sport's program is provided for the children by a specialist teacher. Each class participates in Physical Education lessons focusing on skills, games and activities. 

Included in the sport program are swimming lessons, associated school sport carnivals and gala days.


The Music program at SFX is delivered by a specialist teacher who is committed to ensuring that all students are provided with the opportunity to access music programs consistent with their needs and talents. All students have the opportunity to participate in the junior and/or senior band.

The students all participate in the annual school concert which provides them with an opportunity to perform and showcase their talents.

Religious music plays an important role in choral singing by using a variety of traditional and contemporary hymns and songs. 

Visual Art
Art at SFX is delivered by a specialist teacher who follows the NSW K-6 Creative Arts Syllabus. We have a dedicated art room that allows students the opportunity to experience a broad range of lessons.

Our school is proud to offer a library program prepared by a qualified Teacher Librarian. We have a renewed facility that promotes the love of literature and incorporates technology into its program.