Our School Motto, Crest and Emblem

Saint Francis Xavier was a missionary priest who travelled by boat on many sea voyages around the world. The boat with the Christian cross is therefore significant and can also be found on the older part of the school building. The artwork at the front of the school (created by teachers) displays a similar image, and includes green and blue for St Francis preaching on land and water, as well as the reflection in the water to symbolise our carrying on in the image of St Francis. The Christian fish symbol also features in the banner.

At the top of the school crest is a field of seven stars symbolising the heights to which we must aspire.

This particular group of stars represents The Little Bear Constellation, known as Ursa Minor. This constellation is found in the Northern Hemisphere and points towards the Polar Star by which ancient travellers would find their direction. Ursa recalls the name of St Ursula, our patroness, who challenges us to make effort to reach our pole star, Christ.  So we are reminded of purity, struggle, effort, courage, the Holy Spirit and Heaven. Underneath the stars is the cross reminding us of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. The student wearing this badge should radiate Christian joy and confidence because Jesus is risen.

Jesus’ life was one of courageous service to others, even to the point of death. The school motto "Serviam" at the base of the crest is a call to Service – service of God and others.

May all who wear this badge be outstanding in their courageous leadership, service of others and a spirit of hope and joy in the Risen Lord.