We aim to provide a varied menu of healthy, nutritious food that gives you a viable option to a home prepared lunch.

Our school canteen follows the Healthy Kids' guidelines and operates each Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Our Canteen Manager is Mrs Lina Radano who looks forward to you volunteering to work in our canteen when you are available.

How to Order

Please write your child's order on a paper bag and include the correct amount of money. Ensure you fold the bag to keep the money secure. Paper bags are available for purchase from the canteen at 10c per bag.

Orders must be put into the class box by first bell each morning which are placed outside the school office on the main playground. Please make sure you write on the bag if you need change and how much.

Helping Out – We Need You!

The canteen is run by volunteers to keep it running each week. It is a great place to catch up or make new friends and your children will love seeing you behind the counter. If you are interested, please contact the school office or speak directly to Lina.

Our school recognises that there are children in the school community who have severe food allergies and we address this in the following ways:

  • No sharing of food
  • No birthday cakes or lolly bags
  • No nuts.
  • No eggs (the exception being in baked goods)

Thank you for helping us protect our students by following these rules.