St Finbar's School Fees & Charges 2018

St Finbar’s School Fees & Charges 2018


This fee structure may be subject to change for 2019.




Per Annum

Tuition Fee

First Child


Tuition Fee

Second Child


Tuition Fee

Third Child


Tuition Fee

Fourth & subsequent children


Parish School Levy


Paid per family to help the Parish repay school buildings debt and capital works expenditure.


Administration Fee

Covers cleaning and maintenance of buildings, grounds & equipment. Paid per family..


Resource Fee

Text books, stationery, photocopying, reading materials, computer software, online subscriptions, class craft materials, maths & science equipment and student resources for classroom activities.  Paid per child

K – Y6   $246


Information Technology Fee

Maintenance & upgrade of school computer network. Service fees, internet access, subscriptions.  Paid per child.


Sports Fee

Covers the cost of PE program including Athletics Carnival Costs, Swimming K-6, Swimming Carnival, Specialist Sport Instructors, Dance Fever,  Bus Transport and Surf Awareness 5-6

K Yr2  316

Yr 3/4  $338

Yr 5/6  $484


Includes excursions, incursions and visiting artists

K-Y5 $255

Y6 - $325

Application Fee

Payable when lodging your Application Form.  This fee is non-refundable



*  All costs are subject to change


·      Invoices will be sent out at the beginning of Terms 1 showing the annual amount due and the instalment amounts with their relevant due date.  Amounts due must be paid before the due date of the account unless prior arrangements have been made.  Accounts can be paid by cash (by the parent only, not by the student) cheque, EFTPOS.or Bpay. 

·      Alternative arrangements can be made for any families suffering hardship.  An appointment should be made with the Principal and such arrangements are completely confidential. 

·      Other fees and charges are reviewed annually by the School Finance Committee.

·      Due to a significant portion of excursion, incursion and visiting artists fees being fixed regardless of the number of students attending and these fees needing to be paid in advance, excursion fees will not be refundable if your child cannot attend.

·      Most charges including excursions are billed through school accounts. Occasionally optional activities (eg School Photos and Performing Arts) and representative sport fees are paid separately.

·      It is expected that all children will participate in the full range of learning programs on offer.  If your child will not be participating for any reason eg. on medical grounds, a medical certificate must be provided.