Communication and Student Absence

School Policies

Protocols for Parent and School Communication

All communication between parents and the school must always aim to enhance the learning opportunities of our students, and the well being of all staff and parents in the school community.

We are committed to open, honest and timely communication between parents and staff. As a Catholic school, we believe that communication from both the school and parents should be respectful, measured, amicable and sensitive. In adhering to these principles, we aim to strengthen the positive partnership between parents and the school, to enhance the well being of students and to provide quality educational outcomes.

Please refer to the School Policies section for all relevant policies.

Student Absences, Leave and Exemptions

Student absences must be accompanied by a parent explanation letter upon return to school, or with one week. All planned holidays or absences of 10 or more days must be applied for to the Principal using the Application for Travel/ Leave form. Absences for employment in the Entertainment Industry and Elite Sports Events require an Exemption form. Both are available in the Policies link on this page.

Newsletters and Minutes

In the interests of maintaining student and school privacy, the School Newsletter, as well as the Parent Group and Parent Advisory Council Minutes are only emailed directly to parents. Please contact the office if you do not receive them.