Specialist Programs

Targeted Intervention

Targeted intervention programs are determined on a needs basis across the school. The focus for the program is usually literacy and/or numeracy, however it may also focus on other identified areas of the curriculum. Students usually work with the teacher in small groups either in or outside the classroom.

Seasons for Growth

The Seasons for Growth program is designed to support students experiencing grief and loss due to separation, divorce, death or trauma. Students are grouped according to age and engage in eight sessions with a trained companion followed by two re-connector sessions at a later date.

Parent participation is encouraged and valued during this program.

Reading Recovery

A one-to-one intensive reading intervention program designed for students in their second year of schooling. Working with a specially trained Reading Recovery teacher, students participate in daily sessions with the aim of accelerating the student's literacy progress to a level equivalent to the class average.

Newman Gifted Education Program 

Students who are identified as showing a gift, talent or passion in a particular key learning area are catered for within the classroom's differentiated teaching program, with teachers planning for extended and enriched learning opportunities for more able students.

To further enhance these learning programs, school based enrichment provision opportunities such as STEAM projects and electives like Computer Science in the library Makerspace,  ICAS competitions, Passion Projects, Philosophy and Code Club, as well as links with the local feeder high schools, Bethany and Marist Colleges, for mentoring and day programs like Bethany Writer's Program provide further opportunities. Acceleration of students (subject or grade) is also in operation after comprehensive identification and assessment has occurred.


St Finbar's receives a specific English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher allocation. The teacher works with small groups of students who are experiencing difficulty accessing the English curriculum, and provides targeted support and intervention.

Special Education

The Special Education program assists students who require specialised assistance in identified areas of learning. The emphasis of the program is on supporting the student within the classroom context. Support is determined according to the needs of the individual and may include in-class support, withdrawal from the classroom to work independently or in a small group or one-to-one instruction with a Learning Support Officer.