Vision and Mission

Our Mission

As a contemporary catholic primary school which is enlivened by the Gospel:

  • We challenge each other to develop relationships based on respect and trust, responding justly to the needs of all
  • We strive to make a difference in our world in an environment where all feel safe and valued
  • We believe that learning is active, relevant, celebrated, wholistic and
  • We strive to empower each other to be active and responsible learners and to make a difference in our world

“Shine on the world like bright stars, you are offering to it the word of life...”

Philippians 2:15

Our Vision

At St Finbar's we commit ourselves to:

  • Fostering a faith-filled community centred around Gospel values and with the teachings of Jesus at the core
  • Setting high expectations in a supportive environment that maximises learning outcomes for all students to actively engage, critically reflect and celebrate their learning
  • Building a strong professional learning community characterised by relational trust, shared ownership and reflection
  • Ongoing professional development that builds teacher capacity, teacher leadership and sustainability
  • Maximising the use of effective resourcing to meet the needs of contemporary learners
  • Supporting parents in their role as partners in the education of their children
  • Developing a culture of evidence-based self review and improvement
  • Implementing effective procedures and processes to ensure the ongoing use and maintenance of contemporary ICT resources