Vision and Mission

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Mission Statement

At the heart of St Francis of Assisi Regional Catholic Primary School we are inspired by the spirit of our Patron Saints, St Francis of Assisi and St Clare, and the charism of the Sisters of Charity. By following their example we are called to be instruments of God’s love and peace.

Catholic Life and Religious Education

Inspired by our school motto, “In Giving We Receive”, we are committed to the evangelising mission of the Church by actively fostering and nurturing our Catholic faith, tradition and culture within the life of our School and Parish community.

Students and their Learning

We provide a safe, supportive and nurturing learning environment that inspires and empowers students to become highly successful learners, enabling them to reach their full potential, positively contributing to the world in which they live.


We promote excellence in learning and teaching by providing a dynamic, challenging and contemporary curriculum, which caters for the interests, talents and diverse needs of students.

Human Resources Leadership and Management

We strive to provide an ethical learning environment and workplace culture promoting shared leadership, which is based on the values of mutual respect and professional relationships.

Resources, Finance and Facilities

We recognise and embrace our call to stewardship serving all through the provision of contemporary and innovative resources and facilities.

Parents, Partnership, Consultation and Communication

With a sense of joy and creative energy, we strive to foster a collaborative relationship, promoting partnership with our parents, parishes and wider community, uniting us in a common vision.

Strategic Leadership and Management

We actively encourage the implementation of innovation and change focused on the continual improvement in the quality of learning and teaching through a climate of professional dialogue and learning.