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posted 3 May 2016, 18:08 by Krystina Szafraniec
Last term our children participated in a Wandana Incursion for Harmony Day.  From our beautiful and moving smoking ceremony, acknowledgement of Country and ochre ceremony led by Trevor Eastwood with which we started the day, through to the completion of our painting in which each child, family and teacher is represented, the day was an outstanding success.

As part of the day a beautiful school mural was created by each child and family, which is now prominently displayed in our school office.  The special story that explains the mural is below.

Established in 1898 St Fiacres school painting is a fascinating blend of its traditional past and a modern contemporary edge. At the centre of the painting is the St Fiacres church which represents the core values of the School with a strong focus on Faith, Learning and Care. This also pays recognition to the Capuchin Friars and their contribution to School and community at large. The four large U shapes that surround the Church are symbolic of the School and also represent the four indigenous students currently attending the School. These U shapes are assembled around the Church to show the strong integration of the Church and its core values within the School. Within these U shapes can be seen three colours that are the house colours, Red - Moore, Blue - Brennan & Yellow - Hawkins. Radiating outwards from the Church and School are orange circles which represent the church and School core values being transported throughout the community and across the globe through the students and Teachers. These orange circles also represent the circle time in class at School everyday and orange is a colour of trust. A very gentle glance at the horizontal & vertical line through the centre of the painting depicts the Crucifix and how it is integral to everything the Church, School and community revolve around. And the 130 odd individual circles are the individual students and Teachers that make the School community. Each of these circles shows a family with different colours & styles all blending together in harmony and balance. You can see how these students, Teachers & families overlap and integrate seamlessly with each other to show our value of respect and tolerance at home, School and in the wider community.