For Students

Children learn best when they are actively engaged in their learning and when
creative and critical thinking and curiosity are promoted.  With this in mind,  we have been involved in a number of exciting initiatives including:
  • Continuing our involvement in the Early Years' Project of Sydney Catholic Schools with a focus on what we know about how young children learn which has led to the introduction of developmental play in Kindergarten to Year 2.

  • A whole of school approach to teaching social skills from Kindergarten
    to Year 6.

  • Designing contemporary learning spaces throughout the school that reflect our values of respect, safety, welcome and inclusion and accommodate
    contemporary approaches to learning and teaching and the feeling of
    belonging to a family at St Fiacre's.

Student Leadership

All senior students are acknowledged as leaders within the school community
regardless of whether or not they hold a specific leadership position.
Composition of School Student Leadership Teams:
  • Two School Captains 
  • One Colour House Captain for each colour house (3 in total).
Other opportunities also exist for student leadership in the following teams:
  • The Liturgy Team
  • The Environment Team
  • The Civics and Media Team
Our School House System
Students are placed in one of three houses upon enrolment. The Houses are:
  • Moore - Red 
  • Brennan - Blue 
  • Hawkins - Yellow
Students come together under these houses at our swimming and athletics carnivals. Points are awarded together with spirit awards for team participation.

Crunch & Sip

St Fiacre's is also part of the Crunch & Sip program for Primary schools. The program enables children to crunch on vegetables and fruit and to sip water in the classroom. It also encourages children to choose vegetables and fruit as a snack and water as a drink. These healthy options provide important nutrients for children, allows them to re-fuel and can help improve their physical health and concentration.

Sun Smart
St Fiacre's is a sun smart school.  Children must wear a hat when playing on the playground, and are encouraged to wear sunscreen to school.