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Extra Curricular

At St Fiacre’s we believe it is important to provide children with a wide variety of activities and programs to ignite their passion and imagination.

Learning Support

Our Learning Support Teacher works throughout the school with students who have been identified as having specific learning needs. The class teacher, Learning Support Teacher and Learning Support Assistant work together to provide an individual education program for each child.

Reading Recovery

The Reading Recovery Program is an effective early intervention program designed to reduce the number of children with literacy difficulties. Children on the program have, in addition to classroom instruction, daily individual teaching which aims to bring them to average levels of achievement for their class in a specific time frame. This program is offered to students in Year 1 who require additional support in Literacy.


The QuickSmart program is a responsive small-group intervention that aims to develop fluent (Quick) and efficient (Smart) strategy use in Mathematics. QuickSmart uses research-based instructional strategies to support the learning of students so that they are more actively and successfully engaged in inclusive classroom settings.

Mandarin Language Lessons

Throughout the week, classes participate in online Mandarin classes. The programs consist of a 25-minute online lesson (15 minutes for Kindergarten) using video conferencing software. Each class is assigned its own teacher who logs on with the class from Beijing each week.


CaSPA is the dynamic Performing Arts Program of Sydney Catholic Schools. Many of our children have the opportunity to be a part of special music, drama, and singing performances organised by this specialised program.

Sydney Theatre Company Drama Program

Our school has previously participated in a  School Drama experience with the Sydney Theatre Company. This involves training our teachers in specialist drama skills to implement in the classroom, as well as dedicated drama teachers coming to teach drama classes to our children. Our classroom teachers integrate these drama skills into their teaching programs. 


St Fiacre’s school choir practices every week and perform at special occasions such as Mass, Assembly, and Open Day. Our choir has also had the wonderful opportunity to perform at the QVB singing Christmas Carols. 

School Band

St Fiacre's has its very own school band. This is an enrichment program for our students to further develop their musical talents, with many opportunities to perform at various events. Band lessons are on Monday morning and are in line with the CAPA Curriculum.


A Specialist Music Teacher comes to school each Wednesday to teach our children many skills in music, including instruments, percussion, and singing, following the NSW Board of Studies Creative Arts Music Syllabus.


Sports Day is on Wednesday. On this day children wear their sports uniform. Specialist teachers from Got Game are employed to assist with teaching particular sporting skills for the children. Each Thursday St Fiacre's students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of other sports through Sporting Schools Grants. 

The children also participate in an Athletics Carnival, Cross Country, Swimming Program, and Swimming Carnival throughout the school year.  There are also opportunities for children to attend Gala Days, such as Netball, Soccer, and Touch Football.

Sporting Schools

St Fiacre’s continues to receive Sporting Schools grants to allow us to provide additional sporting programs for the children during the term, such as tennis, basketball, soccer, volleyball, softball, and athletics.

Archdiocesan Primary Sports Events

In addition, the Sydney Archdiocesan Primary Sports Council coordinates and implements opportunities for primary school children to participate in the following sports:
  • Swimming
  • Athletics
  • Cross-country 
  • Running 
For additional information go to the Sydney Archdiocesan Primary Sports Council


Excursions are considered a valuable and worthwhile inclusion in the school program. They are a natural progression of the learning experiences provided by each teacher and are relevant to a particular unit of work being studied. They also provide wonderful learning experiences to ignite interest in new learning and stimulate the children’s curiosity and imagination.

Technology in the Classroom

St Fiacre's utilises a range of technologies to support teaching and learning and prepare students to be active and responsible digital citizens. When a student commences at St Fiacre's, the child and a parent/guardian are asked to read and sign the Acceptable Use Policy for Internet and Intranet Access.

This policy will be reviewed with students at the beginning of each school year so students understand the expectations around using technology at school to support their learning.

Each student has a Google account which gives them access to a range of Google Apps such as Google drive and email. The school uses an internet filter endorsed by Sydney Catholic Schools.

Stages 2 and 3 are BYODD (Bring your own designated device). This is where students bring a personally owned device to school for the purpose of learning. St Fiacre's has decided on the iPad as the designated device.

Food Garden
In 2013 St Fiacre’s was the proud recipient of the Food Gardens in Schools grant. This funding allowed us to transform an area in our playground into a flourishing Food Garden (aptly named Fiacre’s Food Garden - the patron saint of gardening) where our inner-city children have been given a ‘hands-on’ opportunity to experience the thrill of planting, growing and eating food they have grown themselves. 

Other Activities

There is also a range of other activities for which your children can enrol, such as: