Vision and Mission

Growing Together In Faith, Learning and Care

Our Mission is to nurture each child’s formation in faith, in partnership with their families and our Parish family, and to personalise learning so that each child is known and understood, and achieves improved learning outcomes each year.

Live and deepen our Catholic faith

  •  Follow the example and teachings of Jesus.
  •  Teach Catholic beliefs, values practices and traditions.
  •  Celebrate our faith as a Catholic Community.

Provide a contemporary, high quality education

  •  Implement a challenging, relevant and inclusive curriculum in
     a climate of high expectations.
  •  Personalise teaching and learning to meet the needs of students.
  •  Develop students’ capacity to take responsibility for their learning.

Care for ourselves, others and our world
  •  Work in partnership with others to develop positive, caring relationships.
  •  Develop empathy with people in the wider community and demonstrate this through action.
  •  Take personal and collaborative responsibility for the future of the earth.