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Pastoral Care

“The key to good teaching and learning in our schools is the learning environment, and the quality of this environment is significantly determined by the human relationships within the school. Pastoral care cannot be thought of in separate terms from the teaching and learning within the school; it is a key determinant of successful learning. 

Good pastoral care is exemplified by:

• Quality teaching and learning
• Good discipline
• High expectations of students performance
• Teachers caring for students at the human level.

At St Fiacre’s we believe that we are all unique, created in the image of God and are challenged to love one another as God loves us. We recognise each person’s right to be safe and to learn. We respect each other and celebrate our diversity. In keeping with the Mission Statement of St Fiacre’s, we promote the Gospel values of love, forgiveness, justice and peace to strengthen the commitment of our faith community, in order to develop and sustain quality human relationships. Within the context of Catholic Schools, the practice of effective Pastoral Care is the responsibility of every staff member. 

St Fiacre's School Agreements

St Fiacre's is an SPBL school (Schoolwide Positive Behaviours for Learning). SPBL  emphasises the explicit teaching of appropriate behaviours and provides systems of support to bring about these positive behaviours. SPBL focuses on proactive strategies for defining, teaching and supporting appropriate student behaviours to create a positive school environment. 

St Fiacre's have four agreements regarding behaviour.  We explicitly teach the children what these agreements look and feel like in the many different contexts in which they find themselves both in and out of the classroom.  They also learn about the consequences for mistakes in their behaviour and how they can restore right relationships which is an important part of the process. Children are also rewarded for appropriate behaviour and work habits.  A regular Awards Assembly takes place each week, presenting SPBL Awards  and Learning Awards.
Our agreements are that:
We are respectful 
We are responsible
We are safe
We are welcoming