Our Parish
Our Parish Community is led by the Capuchin Friars and we look for opportunities across the curriculum to give expression to the Franciscan charism of environmental stewardship and ecological responsibility.

The Sacramental Programs for Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation are Parish based Programs.  Parents are supported by the Parish and the school as part of the Parish, in the important role of educating their children in the faith. The school also supports parents during Sacramental preparation times, by teaching programs that run concurrently with the Parish based Program.

Prayer and Liturgy are an integral part of school life.  The children participate in a Mass or Liturgy at least once a term and we gather together for school prayer every morning and afternoon at Assembly. 

Contact Details:

Our Parish Priest: Fr Gregory Rowles OFM Cap

Phone: 02 9518 0650

Mass Times:

7am Monday to Saturday

Weekend Mass Times:
Sat - 5.30pm (Vigil)

Italian Sunday Mass: