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St Fiacre's
  Growing together in faith, learning and care.

Established by the Sisters of St Joseph in 1886, St Fiacre's is a small Catholic Primary School in the Parish of Leichhardt, catering for boys and girls from Kindergarten to Year 6. Our Josephite and Franciscan traditions support our school agreements of being responsible, respectful, welcoming and safe.

At St Fiacre’s, our mission is to grow together in faith, learning and care. We build upon our rich Catholic heritage and traditions, working closely with our Parish community to foster a challenging, relevant and inclusive learning environment for all of our children. Our sense of community and welcome, are prominent features of our school.

Children are a precious gift from God. We provide our students with a variety of specialist learning opportunities in music and sport, all within spacious, flexible and innovative contemporary learning spaces to ignite the imagination of every student. 
Here at St Fiacre's we have invested time and effort to provide the best resources for our children and professional development for our teachers so that each child is known and understood. 

At St Fiacre’s we have open learning spaces with staged learning. Staged learning is when students in two grades, such as year 3 and 4, learn together in one learning space with two teachers, ensuring learning can be tailored to each student's needs. The students learn over a stage (or two years), teachers work in collaboration and children are given a

voice in their learning to increase student engagement and excitement about learning. All classes have extra teacher support.

Staged learning at St Fiacre’s provides a differentiated curriculum for our students; one that caters to all children as individuals, according to their varied learning needs.

St Fiacre's offers student intervention programs such as Special Education,  Reading Recovery and QuickSmart. There are extra opportunities for students in Years 3-6 to be part of the School Band and Choir and all students have the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular Drama, Mandarin, Chess and Tennis lessons.

Our dedicated staff provide quality learning and teaching experiences. Being a Newman Selective Gifted Education School,  we provide a Gifted and Talented program to address the needs of high ability students.  St Fiacre's is a BYODD school (Bring your own designated device) for Stage 2, Year 5 and optional for Year 6. In 2020 this will become Stage 2 - 3. Kindergarten to Year 2 classes are each provided with a bank of iPads. We also have a large bank of chrome books throughout the school and a bank of iPads in our new Library Learning Centre.  

If you feel that you would love to join our learning and faith community, please contact us for more information on how to enrol your child, or you may visit our school office to pick up an enrolment pack.

God bless 

Catherine Cameron

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