Schoolwide Positive Behaviour for Learning (SPBL)

Schoolwide Positive Behaviour for Learning (SPBL) is an evidence-based whole school systems approach that provides a framework for a school and its community to promote student safety, wellbeing and learning.

St Francis de Sales Catholic Primary School began implementation of SPBL as one of the pilot schools for the Sydney Archdiocese in 2010. Since then, SPBL has become embedded in our school, and St Francis de Sales has been recognised and acknowledged as a leader in successfully implementing the SPBL framework.

Our three major behaviour expectations - Be Respectful, Be Powerful Learners, Be Safe - are the driving force behind our behaviour matrix, and lessons are explicitly taught in all classes from K-6, educating the students on what these expectations look like.

Students from Kindergarten to Year 6 are rewarded with ‘gotchas’ for demonstrating these expectations across all settings of the school. The students collect their gotchas and exchange for awards.

The Reward System 
10 Gotchas = 1 Bronze Award
10 Bronze Awards = 1 Silver Award
3 Silver Awards = 1 Gold Award
3 Gold Awards = 1 Platinum Award.

Students are acknowledged for their achievements at the school assembly and in the newsletter. Gold award winners receive a Gold lapel pin to wear and morning tea with the Principal. Platinum Award winners receive an SPBL trophy and morning tea.

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