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Well Being

posted 1 Mar 2014, 02:41 by Sean Brown   [ updated 13 Mar 2019, 14:21 by Maree Rooke ]
Term 1 our focus for well being is : People Bouncing Back from the "Bounce Back" unit be Toni Noble & Helen McGrath.

What can you do to help your child? •  Use the appropriate BOUNCE BACK! statement whenever you see the opportunity. •  Consider displaying the statements on the fridge or somewhere prominent so they serve as a useful prompt for your child (and the rest of the family!). •  Don’t over-protect your child from the normal challenges that all children have at different ages (e.g. walking to school, looking after their own things, packing their own lunch). Start by giving your child small age-appropriate challenges that require small responsibilities. Using small steps moves them towards becoming more independent and competent. Don’t do things for them without checking that they are capable of doing it for themselves. •  Encourage your child to talk about what’s troubling them and help them to find solutions. Encourage them to talk about how they are feeling and what they are thinking about the problem. Then help them to think about different solutions. •  Gently challenge self-defeating talk (e.g. I can’t do this, I’m hopeless, dumb, useless) and helpless behaviour (giving up easily, expecting others to do things for them). Suggest they use helpful thinking instead (e.g. I made a mistake but everyone makes mistakes). •  Don’t fight all your child’s battles. Children need to experience some difficult times so they learn how to bounce back.