For Parents

There is a high level of parental involvement in the life of St Declan’s. Parents are able to assist in the classrooms and tuckshop as well as with excursions, resource making and special events such as the swimming and athletics carnivals.

All parents are encouraged to become involved in their child’s learning. At the beginning of each year a number of Parent Helper Courses, which include Child Protection Screening, are conducted. Attendance at these courses is essential for parents who wish to assist in our school.

In 2018 the school underwent a formal process called "Inquiry and Review". The Findings of this process are re-printed here for your information:

The Principal and the school Leadership Team articulate a shared commitment to the vision and mission of the school. They have a focus on developing the relationship with The Missionary of God’s Love (MGL) priests who recently moved into the parish. Father Christopher Ryan spoke positively of the relationship between the school and the parish and of the commitment of school staff to engage in the life of the parish.

Vision for Learning: Learning Forever Growing Together Living Our Faith is understood and visible across the school community. Three pedagogical principles have been developed to underpin the school’s Vision for Learning - Engage, Create, Collaborate. They are being developed in practice as interpreted by individual teachers.

The school has developed K-6 Scope and Sequence identifying a sequenced plan of curriculum delivery. The curriculum is used as a basis for staff discussions during the fortnightly collaborative sessions. Teachers and their mentor discuss students at risk and levels of support.

The school has resourced a number of programs to promote positive mental health and wellbeing (Kids Matter, Bounceback, Peaceful Kids and incorporating Wellbeing Weeks each term for students, Staff and the parent community.)

Professional development is provided to build staff capacity in teaching Writing and Mathematics. Professional development is delivered through whole staff meetings and grade cooperative planning meetings. This is linked to system and regional curriculum documentation and support.

There is a particular focus on improved teaching methods in Writing. Professional learning activities are focused on building teachers’ understandings of highly effective teaching strategies in this area.

Teachers work at understanding where students are at in their learning. Teacher understanding of and ability to differentiate within the ability group is an emerging practice. The leadership team and teachers spoke of the focus on Writing and in developing their understanding of the skills students require to improve Writing outcomes. Teachers use success criteria and learning intentions to guide this development and most teachers work with students to identify their next learning goal.

Each member of the Leadership Team has a mentoring role to support teachers with programming and identifying strategies from the syllabus for effective teaching. Staff spoke with appreciation of this consistent level of support. The Principal supports the members of the Leadership Team.

.The school has used the expertise of staff to provide RFF classes (PDHPE, Library and Music/Dance/Drama) which gives priority and responds to the learning needs of the majority of students. This has been well received by both staff and parents and has provided opportunity for collaborative planning structures for staff to be developed.

The school is well resourced with staff. There are three coordinators on the leadership team who have a focus on Literacy, Mathematics and Technology. The school has engaged eleven Learning Support Officers to support the school across a range of programs, including supporting students with the Quicksmart program and Multilit. Learning Support Officers also support teachers where class numbers are large and where students have English as an Additional Language or Dialect.