Our School

At St Charles' Catholic Primary School, Waverley, the Religious life of the school is central to our mission and underpins our school values of Peace, Simplicity and Courtesy. St Charles’ has been educating generations of students since 1855 and the activities of the school reflect these values.

The work of the school is inspired by the words and example of Saint Francis and Saint Clare of Assisi. We proclaim the message that the imprint of the Creator is in all life -

“God saw everything He had made and indeed it was good.” Genesis 1:31

We aim to unite our community through Catholic Life and Religious Education, nurture enquiring minds, generate a curriculum that is rigorous and engaging and embrace Franciscan Leadership which is distributive.

St Charles’ staff members are committed to the wellbeing of each student and provide quality learning experiences which engage, motivate and challenge students. Differentiation is key to our curriculum planning.

St Charles' Catholic Parish and St Charles’ School are very closely linked in their common purpose and commitment to bring the Gospel alive to the young people of our Parish through their understanding and promotion of the Franciscan Catholic Spirit. The liturgical life of the students is nurtured throughout the school year by Mass and Reconciliation opportunities celebrated in Mary Immaculate Church. Preparation programs for the Sacraments of Initiation are arranged collaboratively involving the Parish Team, the school staff and parents/carers.

We also have a part-time Family Educator working within the school and Parish community to foster evangelisation and pastoral care outreach.