Principal's Message

St Charles’ School has been educating generations of students since 1855. Since that time, two significant building projects have been completed – the most recent concluding in September 2008. In 2016 and 2017 two revitalisation projects were undertaken, focusing on the Kindergarten, Year 5 and Year 6 classrooms. Within these contemporary facilities, you will find the refurbishment based on educational research with a focus on light, air flow, collaborative learning spaces and the use of wood to support students in their learning engagement. Religious icons and other archival material are evident; these tie us very closely to our Franciscan Heritage. We are proud that our association with the Franciscan Friars continues to this day.

The three School Values that underpin all of the activities of our school:-

Peace: The peaceful environment of St Charles' is characterised by peace within, peaceful relationships and peace in our environment.

Simplicity: Is characterised by sustainable practices, an appreciation of simple pleasures and the belief that less is more.

Courtesy: From a Franciscan perspective, courtesy is characterised by social justice, social harmony, service and authentic relationships.

Our focus value for 2018 is Simplicity.

Our current Strategic Plan is for 2018 - 2020.

Our curriculum is contemporary in every way. Visit us electronically and learn what makes us unique.

Paul Croker