Parent Volunteers

Parental Involvement in the School Community

St Catherine of Siena Primary  School gratefully acknowledges the generous support of our parents. The school encourages and welcomes parent involvement in many ways. There are several opportunities for parents to participate in and assist across the school and in the classroom. The choices you might like to consider include:
  • assisting in the classroom (reading groups, math groups, classroom organisation)
  • serving on a committee (Mother's and Father's Day Stalls, Disco)
  • helping in the school library
  • assisting with excursions and incursions
  • assisting with sporting events
  • assisting with Liturgical events

Parent Volunteer - Child Protection Workshops

At present it is a government requirement that all parents/close relative who wish to be volunteers at a school in any capacity, must attend a workshop offered at the school that unpacks child protection legislation and outlines school procedures for volunteers. At the workshop, volunteers will be asked to complete a “SCS Volunteer Application form”. The school will keep these forms on site, secured and confidential along with a the record of volunteers who have completed the workshop.

Many parents have attended a parent helper volunteer workshop in the past and have signed declaration forms that are valid for two years. If parents have not attended a refresher course within the last two years, attendance to this workshop is required to update our records and current information on the Child Protection policy and procedures. If you are new to the school community or have not attended a school based child protection workshop and you would like to volunteer in the classroom, assist on excursions, volunteer in the canteen or at special school days such as the athletics or swimming carnivals, it is essential that you attend a parent helper workshop at school and complete a child protection form. Once you have completed the workshop and completed relevant documentation, you are able to receive invitations to assist as a parent volunteer within the school. If you do not complete the workshops available, you will be unable to act as a parent volunteer within the school.

These workshops are usually offered at various times during Term 1 of every year and these dates and times will be advertised in the school newsletter.  The workshop usually takes 20-30 minutes and are held in the hall.

Parent Volunteer Resources

All resources referred to at our Parent Volunteer workshops can be found below.