FAST Football Program: Students are provided with the opportunity to participate in an 8 week football (soccer) after school program. The program is run by ‘FAST Football’, who deliver various activities ‘emphasising fun, teamwork, and the continued improvement of skills’. This year we have had over 80 students participate in the program!

AFL Program: Students have had the opportunity to participate in a 6 week Aussie Rules in-school program. The program is run by GWS Giants ambassadors who focus on ‘practising the core skills of the game’. This year all students from years 3-6 enjoyed playing a number of modified AFL games and were also visited by number of Giants players!!

Gymnastics: Each year, our students partake in a 6 week gymnastics program. Students are taught about the importance of physical development through a wide range of gymnastics skills and activities.

Athletics Carnival: All our students from Kindergarten to Year 6 participate in competitive and non-competitive athletics events and activities. These include 100m and 200m races, horse relay races and tug of war.


Swimming Carnival: All students in Years 3-6 are involved in competitive swimming races of all four swimming strokes. Students also participate in non-competitive water based activities such as noodle races and a water ‘rob the nest’ game.

Water Fun Day: Our Kindergarten to Year 3 students participate in a water fun day, which involves a series of water based activities that students enjoy at school in the summer sun.

Representative Sport: Students have the opportunity to be involved in pathway and non pathway representative sports. These enable students to represent our school in various sports. Some of these include: football (soccer), netball, basketball, league, tennis and softball.


Gala Days: These are school based sports competitions with an emphasis on participation and development and are another opportunity for students to represent our school at a Diocesan event.  Gala days are available mostly for students enjoyment and to promote the importance of physical activity and healthy active lifestyles.  Our primary students regularly take part in soccer, oz-tag, netball and touch football gala days. 


Olympathon: Each year, all our students participate in our school Olympathon. Students are involved in games and activities related to olympic events including an opening ceremony where each class represents a country. They also participate in a fundraiser where there are a number of awesome prizes available to win.


Surf Awareness / Surf Survival Courses: Our Year 6 students participate in a Surf Awareness and Surf Survival Course. These practical courses are designed to teach students how to take care of themselves in the surf, identify rips and how to protect Australia’s coastal environment. Both these courses are run by professional lifeguards at North Cronulla beach.