For Students


At our school, leadership at every level take the form of Jesus’ example of service. We expect that all students lead by example and demonstrate the skills and values taught at St Catherine of Siena, Prestons.  Our Leadership experiences provide students with opportunities for decision-making, voicing opinions and contributing to the life of the school.

The Student Representative Council (SRC): There is one SRC student elected from each class Yr1 to Yr5.  This process takes place in each classroom in the first week of school.  Students receive their SRC badges at a school assembly.

The SRC operates under the ‘Learning to do’ pillars of learning.

  • Learning to be

  • Learning to do

  • Learning to know

  • Learning to live together

These students meet regularly with the school coordinator to raise student issues and to play a role in various activities such as our school token system which promotes positive playground behaviours.  These students also promote and assist with community events such as Open Days, Catholic Schools Week and major fundraisers.

Year 6 Leaders: Year 6 students are given the opportunity to nominate themselves as a school leader.  They make a speech and are voted by their peers. 3 boys and 3 girls - 6 in total, will form the Student Leaders for the year.  This process takes place in Term 4 with Year 5 students in preparation for the following year.  They are announced and receive their badges at the end of year Mass by the outgoing leaders.  These leaders play an integral role in the day to day running of the school and also represent the school for official occasions.  This team organise and lead the fortnightly assembly on Friday afternoons.  

Sport Leaders: One boy and one girl are chosen by and from within the Year 6 student body to lead in each of the four Sport Houses.  They play an integral role during the Swimming and Athletics carnival as well as other school sporting events.  They organise play equipment and assist the school Sports teacher in a number of areas.

RE Stewards: Year 6 students may nominate themselves to be a part of the RE Student leadership team (RE Stewards) These students take a prominent role in leading prayer at assemblies and during whole school liturgies. They contribute ideas and suggestions to the REC on matters of prayer, outreach and evangelisation.

Mini Vinnies: The RE curriculum includes elements of social outreach. Students from Years 3 and up may be invited to join the Mini Vinnies group and work in the tradition of the St Vincent de Paul society towards increasing students understanding and engagement in caring for others in our community.  

Year 6 and Kindergarten Buddy Program: Year 6 students play an important role in our Kindergarten transition process.  Each new Kindergarten child is paired up with a Year 6 buddy who acts as a mentor and friend.  During Term 1, Buddies help to familiarise their Kindergarten friends to the school environment.  Classes meet regularly to engage in various learning activities.  Year 6 buddies also assist their Kindergarten friends on the playground teaching them some basic games and social skills.  These friendships are embedded for the duration of their school life and is a popular school program for all involved.


School awards are a celebration and recognition of the gifts and talents of our students. Our awards are inspired by the words, examples and values of St Catherine of Siena.  Our awards reflect the belief that learning is a life-long process centred around the four pillars of learning with Jesus as our focus.  Our awards are positive reinforcements, rewarding and acknowledging:-

  • Achievement

  • Effort and

  • Christian Values


There is an informal whole school assembly on the playground on Monday mornings to start the week and a more formal one fortnightly on Friday afternoon in the hall.  At the beginning of each assembly we engage in prayer. This is where students, parents and teachers are able to come together as a whole school community to pray.  During the Friday assemblies, awards and certificates may be presented and successes acknowledged.  This is also an opportunity for students to share class items as well as communicate school initiatives and projects.  Parents are welcome to join us for assembly.


Grade Liturgies will take place in Thursdays at 9:00am in the Chapel.  EVery grade will hold a liturgy each term and parents are invited to attend.  We also have whole school liturgies and Masses to celebrate special occasions throughout the year, in which we also encourage parents to attend.