School Canteen

Our school canteen is provided as an additional service to our children. The canteen is now open everyday from 8:10am – 8:35am each morning. Students will be able to purchase breakfast items prior to the start of school.

Purchases from the canteen can be made every day by:
  • Using the ordering procedure as explained below.
  • By over the counter sales during Break 1 and Break 2.
  • All Breakfast items can be purchased up to 5 minutes before school starts.
  • Over the counter sales on most hot & warm foods as well as sandwiches will be limited with choice during lunch so be sure to have your orders in to eliminate any disappointments.
  • Please specify if no margarine is required on the sandwich or any other special requests. 
  • Where possible, the correct change should be placed in the bag to avoid lost change. 

Your child/children should place the order at the canteen before school starts. If your child/children miss out on placing their order at the canteen, they should advise the teacher and the lunch order will be taken to the canteen as early as possible.

Note: Paper Lunch bags can be purchased from the canteen for $0.05, however if you are writing your order at the canteen, there is no charge for the bag. When using your own bag from home, please ensure that it is large enough to accommodate the order.

Ice Creams, Slushy's & Noodles: The lunch bag will be stamped by the canteen staff. Children will be required to pick up this item(s) at the canteen separately. Students are to bring the stamped lunch bag to the canteen to pick up their order – this will eliminate dropped foods due to bag breakage as well as maintaining the freshness of their order. The stamped lunch order bag is their “ticket” – please ensure your child/children are aware and understand this process.

  • Canteen staff will pack lunches in class tubs. 
  • Class representatives will collect the class tubs with lunches and take them back to class. 
  • Teachers will distribute lunches to each student. 
  • All “snack” orders can be pre –purchased along with the lunch order. The snacks will then need to be collected at the canteen, with students presenting their “stamped” lunch bag. 
MISSING ORDERS OR ITEMS: If lunch orders or items are missing, students should check the following:
  • That their order is not in their bag or pocket as they may have forgot to give it to the canteen. 
  • That their order/item(s) are not in one of the tubs in their same grade. 
  • Ask their teacher for permission to go to the canteen to make canteen staff aware.
        - TOP of the bag: Clearly mark the name, class of your child and the break.
        - Middle of the bag: Clearly mark the items and their cost.
        - TOP of the bag: List the amount of money placed in the bag.