School Crest and Motto

The Design:
The torch shows the light as St Catherine is the Light of our eyes.  The torch is also in the shape of a boat.  St Catherine is pictured holding the boat on her shoulder as a symbol of power to represent her status as a Doctor of the Church.  The triangle represents the Blessed Trinity - Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 

St Catherine had a passionate love of Jesus Christ.  It was from Jesus that she learnt who God was; it was from Him that she discovered the way to communicate with the eternal Trinity; it was from His example that she comprehended what it meant to love others.

The Words 'With Open Eyes':
In the Dominican tradition there has always been an emphasis on the goodness of the created world.  St Catherine of Siena is very clearly in line with this Dominican tradition.  In the first chapter of her Dialogue, God invites her to 'Open the eye of her mind' and see the dignity and beauty of all human persons, and the beauty of nature.

'Open the eye of your mind and gaze into me, 
and you will see the dignity and beauty 
of the human person'.

The Colours:
The colours chosen for the school uniform represent both the Italian and Australian heritage.  The soft Eucalyptus Green represents the Macarthur Region of which Prestons is a suburb.  The Terracotta Tuscan colour combined with the Federation Green and Black belong to the Dominican Order in Siena, Italy, of which St Catherine was a member.