Our School

School Prayer ​​

​I gave you Eyes to look at
the sky and everything
else and the beauty of
creation through me.

I gave you your Ears to listen
to my word and to pay
attention to the needs of
your neighbours.

I gave you your Tongue to
proclaim my word, to confess
your own sins, and to work for
the salvation of others.

I gave you your Hands to serve
your neighbours when you see
them sick, and to help them
with alms in their need.

I gave you your Feet to carry
you to places that are holy
and useful to you and your
neighbours for the glory and
praise of my name.
St Catherine of Siena

School Song

With Open Eyes
With open eyes we see the light each day
With open eyes
We bring the gift of peace to everyone
Just you and I
We're walking side by side
We follow in your way, St Catherine of Siena.
A place of love and joy, respect and truth
Learning about our world
In this place so new.
Caring for everyone like Jesus did
Our new school family
Working together as one.
Learning to live together in harmony
Learning so many things
To make a better me.
Accepting everyone with their many gifts
This place where we can grow
And shine God's light.