St Christopher's offers a curriculum that is child-focused with a strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy skills.

We are a learning community which:

  • works collaboratively to create authentic learning spaces and experiences
  • skills students to construct new knowledge independently and collaboratively
  • develop students' ability to make informed choices about their learning
  • encourages students to have a voice in their learning
  • is committed to the use of digital technology as an effective learning tool.
  • is committed to keeping up-to-date with current research and initiatives in education
  • has a deep knowledge of the subject matter taught in each Key Learning Area
  • promotes SMART goal setting
  • promotes problem solving, lateral thinking and lifelong learning
  • encourages risk taking and develops resilience
  • develops students' ability to be critical and discerning thinkers who are able to make a positive contribution to our world
  • assists students to make meaningful connections between concepts explored in the classroom and the real world.

We recognise and acknowledge that all children are unique, with diverse backgrounds, experiences and learning needs. Therefore we use a range of assessment strategies to personalise learning to meet these needs.

We are registered by the NSW Board of Studies and meet the requirements of the NSW Education Act (1990). The designated curriculum includes English, Mathematics, Human Society and Its Environment, Science and Technology, Creative and Practical Arts, and Personal Development, Health and Physical Education.

In addition to these KLAs, St Christopher's also offers Religious Education, Sport, and programs such as Special Needs and Reading Recovery.