Please contact the school office to receive your enrolment pack. Places available in Year 4 and 5!

ADF families are especially welcome at St Christopher's. 
Our Defence School Mentor (DSM), Romana Jones, will be here to welcome and transition you into our St Christopher's community. Click here to find a message from Romana.

Principal's Message

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Welcome to St Christopher’s Catholic Primary School, Holsworthy. This is a new beginning - a new phase of your child's life, and indeed in the life of this community. Beginning school or entering a new school is one large step in the life of your child as they learn more about themselves, others, the world and God. You have already taught your child so many lessons in life. At St Christopher’s, we will strive to support your efforts by providing a challenging and enjoyable Catholic learning environment for your child.

Catholic Education is a three-way partnership between school, home and parish. By enrolling your child at St Christopher’s, you are making a commitment to be involved in the life of the parish and the school. In this way you can fully support the whole development of your child. As you involve yourself in the St Christopher’s community, you will have the opportunity to meet new friends and discover new horizons. I pray that you embrace the opportunities presented to you at this time and that you and your families experience a real sense of belonging here!

Our Catholic school is firmly committed to Christ and to proclaiming His message. At the school, the teachers will assist and support you in what you have begun at home, but they will never replace you, as your child's first and continuing teacher. Therefore, we ask for your co-operation and support in the work they carry out as your delegates. The teachers, in their vocation as Catholic educators, have the interest of your child at heart, and will endeavour to see that everything possible is done for your child’s growth and development.

May Christ guide us as we work, in partnership, to nurture faith, ignite a love for learning, foster respect for others, and inspire an attitude of service to make a difference for those placed in our care.

Let us walk together confidently into the years ahead.

In Peace

Tony Boyd

St Christopher's Holsworthy