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Important info on Updating Compass School Manager App v.4.3.0 and resetting a parent password.

This document has been designed for the purpose of instructing school communities (parents, staff and students) on how to update their Compass school manager app on an iPhone, iPad and Android device if their device is not updating automatically. If you are using Version 4.3.0 you are up to date and no action is required. Click here on how to Update the Compass School Manager App.

This should alleviate some of the logging in issues parents are currently experiencing.

Please take note that the Android instructions on the app currently do not refer to the need for a capital letter, however, this is essential when parents reset their password or they will receive an error message and it will not work.

Updating Compass School Manager App v.4.3.0

Compass School Manager app and logging on

Parent Instructions - Compass School Manager app and logging on

How to add a FULL DAY absent note 
**NB: Half days and Holidays must be entered via the office not through the Portal**

Absent Note Details- Parents

How to reset your password

Parents can not remember their Password to access Compass Parent Portal