Family and Faith Educator

The role of our Family Educator is to nurture strong and meaningful parish/parent/school relationships and to explore new models of supporting the spiritual, social and educational formation of families.

There are four domains in which our Family Educator works to do this.
  • Connecting/reconnecting/enhancing the faith life of parents.
  • Connecting/reconnecting/enhancing families to the faith life of the school.
  • Connecting/reconnecting/enhancing families to the faith life of the Parish.
  • Enhancing family well-being.

Katrina Andrew, our Family Educator, facilitates a number of projects, including:
  • Regular whole school family masses, joining our school and parish community.
  • Assisting parent volunteers in leading Kids Church at the Sunday parish mass.
  • Facilitating our school’s Mini Vinnies group.
  • Vinnies Night Patrol - collecting and delivering food and fruit donations for the van service.
  • Classroom prayer opportunities for parents and their children.
  • Wrap with Love knitting sessions for parents and students, knitting blankets for the needy.
  • Toddler Craft at class masses.
  • Visits with parents and students to the local nursing home.