The St Bernard’s Community is a vibrant one. The school enjoys a close relationship with the parish and with parents and grandparents. The children undertake various outreach activities, such as visits to Sir Joseph Banks Nursing Home at Easter. In addition, the school has an active Mini Vinnies group that raises funds for the St Vincent de Paul Society. These activities include a blanket collection in winter, a market stall day and winter sleep out.

St Vincent de Paul Night Patrol

St Bernard’s School and Parish have joined the monthly donation roster to provide snacks and drinks to the St Vincent de Paul Society for use in the Night Patrol program. Each month, we will collect food items and once a month these donations will be delivered to the Night Patrol headquarters in Lewisham where they will be passed directly onto homeless people living in the city.

Collection boxes have been placed in the school foyer and the Church foyer. You can donate any non-perishable food, especially individually packaged items such as muesli bars, fruit snack cups or pretzels.

This will be an ongoing initiative here in our parish and school. Our donations will go directly to those who need them and we will be making a real difference in the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves.