About Us

School Prayer

God our Father,
You have given us a model of life in St Bernard.

Help us to
Celebrate our Faith
Live with Hope,
Teach to Inspire
and Learn in Love.

With Jesus as our guide and our support,
We will work together to help our school
Grow from strength to strength.

May the Sacred Heart of Jesus: Be everywhere loved.
Our Lady of the Sacred Heart: Pray for us.

School Song

We celebrate our faith as one
We stand together hand in hand
The followers of Jesus in the family of God

Celebrate Our Faith and Live With Hope
Teach to Inspire and Learn In Love

Together we will live in hope
And walk the path towards our dreams
The disciples of Jesus in a family of hope.

Celebrate Our Faith and Live With Hope
Teach to Inspire and Learn In Love

United we can teach to all
Inspired by the word of God
The messengers of Jesus in a family of peace

Celebrate Our Faith and Live With Hope
Teach to Inspire and Learn In Love

We learn in love of mind and heart
We love and learn the way of Christ
The children of Jesus in a family of love

Celebrate Our Faith and Live With Hope
Teach to Inspire and Learn In Love

St Bernard’s is a one stream school that caters for boys and girls from Kindergarten to Year 6. There are 205 children in the school at present.

At St Bernard’s we are committed to developing an authentic Catholic school in which Jesus Christ is central to the lives of our children, parents and teachers. As a Catholic community, we foster the Gospel values of love, care, respect and justice so that they are integral to all aspects of school life.

Our school endeavours to provide a safe, secure environment in which each member of our school community feels valued. We place great importance on fostering the confidence and self-esteem of our children by affirming and celebrating their achievements and efforts.


Our school’s history began on 31 January 1885, when five Sisters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart arrived in Sydney to spread God’s word. Soon after, St Bernard’s School was opened with an enrolment of about 20 pupils and two teachers. The original school was located on Botany Road near Southern Cross Drive and was surrounded by bush.

In 1955, the large parish was divided into St. Therese’s Mascot and St. Bernard’s, Botany. Cardinal Gilroy blessed and opened our current site in Ramsgate Street in April 1955. The original parish buildings were purchased and demolished by the Department of Civil Aviation to make way for the expansion of the airport.

The Sisters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart continued to administer St. Bernard’s School until 1994, when a lay principal was appointed. The school building and grounds were extensively renovated and refurbished from 2009 to 2012.

School Principals

  • Sr Mary Xavier Ryan fdnsc 1885-
  • Some Principals unknown
  • Sr Joseph Schaap fndsc 1894
  • Sr Thecla Keogh fdnsc 1909-1915
  • Sr Enda fdnsc 1930s
  • Sr Innocentia McFarlane fdnsc 1940s
  • Sr Leonardo Smith fdnsc 1955-56
  • Sr Innocentia McFarlane fdnsc 1957-59
  • Sr de Paul Clough fdnsc 1960-62
  • Sr Alfonso Ryan fdnsc 1963-65
  • Sr Mary Batchelor fdnsc 1966-68
  • Sr Aquin (Marie) Peterson fdnsc 1969-84
  • Sr Susan Shannon fdnsc 1985-86
  • Sr Margaret Fahey fdnsc 1987-88
  • Sr Helen Hearne fdnsc 1989-91
  • Sr Helen Armstrong fdnsc 1992-93
  • Mrs Louise O’Keeffe 1994-2001
  • Mr Anthony Slyney (Acting) 2002
  • Mrs Frances Leahy 2003-2009
  • Mrs Leonie Burfield 2010-2013
  • Mrs Maree Couani (Acting) 2014
  • Mrs Rosemary De Bono 2015
  • Mrs Jennifer Chu 2016-Present