Welcome to the website of St Brigid's Catholic Primary School. My name is Lyn Sandford and, as Principal, I share the leadership of this school with our pastor Fr Erick Niyiragira cp.

At St Brigid’s Catholic Primary School we are committed to being Alive in Christ through a focus on school values. The values of respect, love, peace, justice, compassion, hospitality and stewardship are evident in our practice. We endeavour to provide a challenging learning environment and authentic experiences that engage students in their learning through developing and celebrating the Catholic faith, empowering them to make a difference in their world, building positive relationships and promoting high quality lifelong learning.

Our leadership team includes Mrs Josephine Colagrossi  (Assistant Principal & Literacy & Numeracy Coach), Mrs Fiona Neilson (Religious Education Coordinator),  and Mrs Michelle Saville (Coordinator). The teaching staff of St Brigid’s also plays an integral part in the leadership of the school and has a key role in policy and program formation, implementation and evaluation.

St. Brigid’s is a systemic Catholic primary school located in Marrickville. The present school community mirrors the multicultural and general diversity of the Marrickville area. We are a two-stream co-educational school with a school population of 385 students, K-6.

We hope this site provides you with the information you need to learn more about our amazing school.