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Dear Parents

Thank you for choosing to find out more about St Brigid’s Catholic Primary School Marrickville. As principal of the school, I am passionate about developing students who are motivated, self - directed learners who thrive under the guidance of passionate and energetic teachers and school leadership team.


As Catholic educators, we provide opportunities for students to develop their faith. We work closely with our parish and pastor Fr Erick Niyiragira cp. in our commitment to developing the Catholic identity of our students. Above all, we live as a collaborative community turning to God for guidance and strength, to give us courage in our decision making and purpose in our work.

We are committed to living our school motto: ‘Alive in Christ’ through a focus on school values. The values of respect, love, peace, justice, compassion, hospitality and stewardship are evident in our practice, empowering students to make a difference in their world, building positive relationships and promoting high quality lifelong learning.

The staff at St Brigid’s ensure they provide learning experiences that are accessible to every child and give them the opportunity to grow. Learning is contemporary, engaging and taps into students’ intrinsic motivation for curiosity and wonder to find problems in the world around them as well as solve them. Student well being and an absolute joy of learning are fundamental to student success at St Brigid's.

We’ve invested a lot of time in what we call our School Wide Pedagogy -SWP-  the way we deliver the curriculum in a contemporary world. Students at St Brigid’s work on the thinking, expectation and partnership principles as they engage in their learning.

This year we are proud to launch of our Japanese Centre of Excellence, which sees all students learning Japanese K-6, as well as working in partnership with Casimir College- so come take a look.


We warmly  invite you to come and see what our school vision looks like as we become Alive in our Faith, Alive in our Learning and Alive in our World.


Mrs Antonella Mazzucco