Stage 1 All-Rounders!

Stage One La Perouse Geography/Science excursion
CONNECTING to the traditions of original custodians, COLLABORATING with each other and our guides for learning, 
CHALLENGING ourselves on the long walk and learning historical features of our land. 

Stage One visited La Perouse and were led by Grant Hyde and local Aboriginal guide Tim Ella. It was a huge day of walking (3 hours!) and exploring the area and learning about it from an Aboriginal perspective. We started our day with an ochre ceremony to open our minds and connect us to the land. We then enjoyed a morning tea of wattle-seed pancakes served with finger lime jam and cream. After morning tea we began our walk through the National Park, stopping along the way to try a wide variety of "bush tucker". Tim explained the plants to us and how the local Aboriginal people used them. Upon arrival at the lookout, we enjoyed a snack and Tim showed us how Aboriginal people used charcoal to clean their teeth and leaves as soap. We also had a demonstration of a woomera. Following the track to the end we reached Congwong Beach. After lunch, we did a final walk to various monuments and heard about the history of the area. Finally, we ended up on the headland, looking over to Bare Island.