Schoolwide Pedagogy

Challenge  ~ Connect  ~ Collaborate aodocs_library_Pk6wc6h6nJlYmggFQF aodocs_title_IMG_3453.JPG aodocs_document_id_QVuiU0ZvNyRVKRkdeW aodocs_folder_0B8wOfsJwMdUaVlMxR0lEMVFTVnM aodocs_folder_0B8wOfsJwMdUaWkl3SzJ0cGxBaVE aodocs_folder_0B96C-tP8nEXiZldCaTB2V25yVnM

The Schoolwide Pedagogical Principles have been in development since the beginning of 2016. The staff, community and student body have worked in conjunction to articulate what St Brigid's stands for as a school. 

Upon visiting the school, you will see our signage located throughout the school, with the entire school community living out these principles. 

Our weekly class awards are focused on our 3Cs of success; Challenge, Connect, Collaborate.