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Christmas Story Art Competition
A group of our students under the artistic leadership of Miss Mahony entered into the annual Christmas Art Competition. Students were able to choose a specific scripture passage and represent it in their artistic style of choice. Accompanying their art, students needed to write a small piece of text describing their choices. Here are the entries for this year. We wish them the best of luck.

Sarah Beth de Pater
Sarah Beth de Pater   

Age 12 Year 6
 Primary School Coogee
 Sight Of The Stable

I chose to base my artwork on when the Magi became overjoyed to see the star above Jesus’ Stable in Matthew chapter 2 verse 10 as, to me, the joy that the Magi experienced upon seeing the star symbolises the joy we experience when we find Jesus in our lives. I used watercolour as it blends together perfectly to create the sunset and grass patches in my artwork. I used wool to create patches of farmland as in Jesus’ time many people were farmers and the wool creates the same effect as the ridges after a farmer’s hoe is used to prepare the land for crops. I outlined everything with fineliners and black watercolor. I added an angel in the star as if it's guiding the Magi to Jesus

Nicole Edano

Nicole Edano

Age: 12  Class: Year 6

Title: The Glory Of Christmas

Scripture:  Luke 2:1-5

My art work shows the time when Mary and Joseph were travelling to Bethlehem for the census. I chose this scripture because it is one that isn't really recognised very well. If it weren't for this moment Jesus would not have been born in Bethlehem. Also because it is a very significant time in history. It was the census that brought Joseph and Mary there.

For my art work I chose to use the blob optical illusion because I believe it represents the footsteps and tiny hills perfectly. To me it also represents the roots that connect the Old Testament to the New Testament. People have been talking about the saviour’s arrival. It links to when he finally comes and the people of the past. I have used water colour because I feel it reflects the beauty of this time. I kept the sky simple because it shines with beauty. The bottom, the blobs, is all complicated and twisted.I used different brush strokes in the upper sky and bottom blob illusion parts of the painting to create the light and the dark textures, and therefore creating another contrast. That way when you see the sky with the Christmas star, in it’s beautiful simplicity it is a symbol of love and peace.

Francois Peters

Francois Peters

Age: 11  Class: Year:6

Title: Jesus is watching over us

Scripture: Luke 1; 26-36

My artwork depicts the scene in ancient times when God is watching us; it depicts when the Angel Gabriel came and told the blessed Mary the news of her pregnancy with a son to be named Jesus. The dove in my painting represents Jesus watching over all of us.

My choice of media is pencil and watercolour. I used pencil to sketch the plan for my artwork. I chose to use the watercolour paints because it evokes a feeling of passion and emotion. Watercolour can be used in certain ways, such as blending and layers to create see through veils. It was good to paint the sand and sky with soft colours.I also used a fineliner pen to outline the dove, the city and Mary. The reason I did this was so these features would stand out.

The intention of my artwork is to depict the event and how Mary felt a little blank, not knowing what to say and overwhelmed at the same time.

There was something when I read the scripture passage that made me think about Mary’s emotions and what she felt like during the event that stimulated my ideas for creating an artwork based on the scripture Luke 1: 26-36.

Jeremy Nguyen

Jeremy Nguyen

Age:10 Class:Year 5

Title: A Bright Light is Born

I chose to illustrate Luke 2:1-5 because the birth of Jesus is the most important event in history. I chose to draw a picture of Jesus as a baby because for me, Baby Jesus symbolises hope and new life.

The reason why I chose a pencil drawing is because I like to sketch in my free time and I like the style of sketching more than any other style. Some techniques that I used were shading, hatching and blending.

In my artwork, Jesus is wrapped in beautiful, smooth, delicate drapery. I used shading and blending to highlight the loose folds of the cloth.  I used hatching for the background of my artwork to show the texture of the straw . The background is straw because Jesus had a humble birth in a stable and laid in a manger with straw for a mattress.

The main focus of my artwork is on his eyes. I want everyone who sees my artwork to be drawn into the bright light of Jesus’ gaze and for them to know that he was born to give each of us a new life.

Bess Glennane

Bess Glennane

Age: 10  Year: 5

Title: The message of the angel bringing good tides of joy.

Luke 2: 9-14

My artwork was inspired by the message of the angel bringing the good news to the poor and humble shepherds about the birth of Jesus Christ. I felt excited about this passage because I love this story and what it symbolises. I believe that this story gives hope to the poor and unprivileged about how you can never give up on life and that the Holy Spirit will always send help.

I choose to focus my artwork on the Angel, not the shepherds, because I wanted to include a lot of detail. When I reflected on the scripture story a million ideas flew into my head so I decided to bring all of my ideas into one detailed angel.

Using white chalk pastels on black cardboard really brings out a unique colour that allowed me to contrast the night sky with the radiant glow of the angel surrounded by the Holy Spirit.  I used a feathering technique for the angel’s wings and each star symbolises hope.

‘Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.’

Rocco McDonald

Rocco McDonald

Age: 11  Class: Year: 5

Title: The Wait  

Scripture: Luke 2:1-5

My artwork is based on the ‘Journey To Bethlehem’ Luke 2:1-5. The reason I chose this particular scripture is because I could immediately visualise the long and difficult journey that Joseph and Mary made along the road. The reason I chose the road is because I loved the idea of doing a long road as it symbolises the long wait for Jesus. This artwork is an original and  I instantly thought of it as soon as I was told about this competition. The art medium I chose was oil pastels on black paper because I think that it stands out quite well and shows how bright the night was when Mary and Joseph were going to Bethlehem. My intention was to do a long windy road into a city with old styled houses and I think I did even better than I intended. The style I used was very realistic and true to that time. I tried using very natural and bright colours with the people and the landscape.