Welcome to St Brigid's Catholic Primary School website. We are a one stream Catholic Primary School located within the beautiful suburb of Coogee and are a part of the Archdiocese of Sydney with a student population of 200. 

Our school prides itself on being family and community-centred with a strong sense of self and founded on compassion, positivity and collaboration. St. Brigid's has a wonderful reputation within the local community and actively strives to demonstrate a welcoming learning environment for all students, parents and staff.

Students, staff and parents are encouraged and indeed challenged to live out our School Vision Statement:

 "Together We Reach To The Horizon & Beyond" 

We achieve this through participation in a variety of stimulating academic, social, emotional, spiritual and physical indoor and outdoor learning experiences. Together we:

"Sail the St. Brigid's "C's of Challenge, Connect and Collaborate" 

We cherish the partnership between parish, school and home and believe that this partnership will help the children develop and grow so that they value and respect the importance of their faith life and community. The school proudly teaches Catholic values that enable students to develop into young people ready to make a positive contribution in our world. The school supports the important role parents play as the primary faith educators of their child, achieved in partnership with the parish led by our parish priest Father Phillip Hicks msc. 

This website outlines many of the characteristics that make our school such a special place. Please enjoy exploring it and feel welcome to contact the school if you require further information.

Mrs Diane Cowan
Acting Principal