Vision and Mission

Our Vision and Values

Inspired by our motto, "All for God", as a community of students, staff, parents and parish, we aspire to develop students with strong Catholic values and beliefs, a love of learning and links to, and membership of the wider community.

Our core values acknowledge the Josephite Tradition of active service to others, inclusion and bringing hope to all, we have underpinned each of our core values with a phrase written by St Mary of the Cross MacKillop. The following phrase is the basis of all our work at St Brendan's.

"Never see a need without doing something about it".

At St Brendan's we value and promote Faith, Respect, Love and Justice.

Faith is what we believe. It is not based on evidence. "Believe the whisperings of God in your own heart."(1868)

Respect is acting in ways that show we care for people's feelings,belongings and environment.
"See the beauty of God." (1873)

Love is the ability to give selflessly without expecting anything in return.
"Love one another and let charity guide you in all your life." (1909)

Justice promotes equality and fairness for all as a sign of respect for the individual.
"See the hand of God in everything that happens." (1890)