St Brendan’s Catholic Primary School is registered by the NSW Board of Studies which mandate the requirements for each stage in primary school in the following Key Learning Areas.

For further explanation of these Key Learning Areas please access the NSW Board of Studies, Teaching & Educational Standards (BOSTES) link.

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science and Technology
  • Geography & History
  • Creative Arts
  • Personal Development, Health and Physical Education

Religious Education

Through Religious Education our students develop knowledge and understanding of the teachings of Jesus and the traditions of the Catholic faith. The students have opportunities to reflect on their life experiences, explore Scripture and respond to God’s call.

Collaborative Learning Principle

Our Collaborative Learning Principle has a focus on working together.

New knowledge is created through building a collaborative culture and co-operative learning experiences. As such we plan, support and celebrate opportunities where members of the school community mutually learn from each other.

Reflective Learning Principle

Our Reflective Learning Principle has a focus on thinking about our learning.

Learning is enhanced when students are encouraged to think about and discuss their own learning. We enable our students to have ownership over their learning through negotiating tasks and personal goal setting. We encourage our students to have an active voice and a sensitive ear to the opinions expressed by others.

Connected Learning Principle

Our Connected Learning Principle has a focus on learning beyond the classroom.

Learning is meaningful and authentic when we engage our students in real world situations that develop global awareness and build upon our student’s prior knowledge.

Personalised Learning Principle

Our Personalised Learning Principle has a focus on catering to the individual. We differentiate learning in ways that take into account our student’s needs, circumstances and personal learning styles. We provide varied opportunities across all Key Learning Areas.

Diverse Learning Team

St Brendan's has a group of specialist teachers, the Diverse Learning Team, who support the classroom teachers in providing a differentiated learning environment that enhances learning for all students. All students may require intervention at some point in their learning journey and at St Brendan's the Diverse Learning Team and classroom teachers work collaboratively to design adjustments to teaching and learning programs so that all students achieve success in their learning.

Gifted Education

All learners have the right to receive an education that is responsive to their needs and the provision of an appropriate educational program for the gifted is an issue of equity.”  (Sydney Catholic School Gifted Education Policy 2015)

The staff at St Brendan’s are committed to  providing all of our students with a quality education that suits their academic, physical, social and emotional needs.  We  acknowledge that many of our students are gifted and have “cognitive abilities that allow them to learn at faster rates, and achieve the required curriculum outcomes for their particular stage earlier than their age-peers.” (Gifted Education K-12 Position Paper).

To ensure, we respond appropriately to the needs of our gifted students, the teachers have undertaken considerable training in :

  • The  guiding principles of gifted education

  • Identification, assessment  and monitoring gifted students

  • planning and implementing teaching learning strategies for gifted students.

A Gifted Education Teacher is part of the Diverse Learning Team to support students, staff and parents.

In 2019 , St Brendan’s will embark  in  Sydney Catholic Schools (SCS),  Newman Selective Gifted Education Program. This will ensure that St Brendan’s will continue to “provide high quality professional learning for staff and an authentically rigorous program for gifted learners within a nurturing Catholic environment, thus enhancing the whole-person.”