The St Brendan’s School community is very supportive of our students. The parents, grandparents and parishioners actively

support our children’s learning, social and fundraising events throughout the year.

St Brendan’s Parish

There is a strong partnership between St Brendan’s Parish and St Brendan’s school. We work together to nurture spirituality and educate our students in the Catholic traditions and practices.

For further information about the Parish of St Brendan’s Annandale please go to their website located at

Contact Details

St Brendan's: 34 Collins Street, Annandale 2038
Parish Office/Postal Address: 34 Collins St. Annandale 2038.
Phone: 02 9550 3707.
Fax: 02 9519 2679.
Parish Priest: Fr John Milliken

Mass Times

Wednesday: 9:10am
Thursday: 9:10am
Saturday: Vigil 5:30pm
Sunday: 9:30am – Children’s Liturgy

Sacramental Program

Students at St Brendan’s prepare for the Sacraments of Reconciliation, First Communion and Confirmation through the parish based sacramental programs. Information evenings are conducted by the Parish with the support of the staff of St Brendan’s school. Preparation for the Sacraments is undertaken in small groups which are facilitated by parent leaders.