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BOOK WEEK 2014- Connect to Reading!

posted 4 Sept 2014, 00:36 by Ashleigh Cameron
St Anne’s celebrated Book Week over the past fortnight with a Book Fair from Glee Books and 

 Reading Connection bookmarks were given to each student during library lessons. We culminated 

 with a theatrical performance from Perform! Educational Musicals called “Worlds Apart”. 

 The story is unique in that it is really two stories in one that occur in the same house but 100 years 

 apart. We see Edward who is having his 10th birthday party today. He is concerned about how 

 people in 2014 are treating both each other and the earth. Meanwhile Molly is in the same place 

 but 100 years earlier and celebrating her 10th birthday. She is worried about her father who has 

 gone off to the Great War (WW1) and has not been heard from since he left. Both unwrap a 

 birthday gift and when the mysterious box lid is opened they appear before each other. When the 

 lid is closed they fade from each other. Inside the gift box is a writing set and writing letters to each 

other is how they now communicate…… and so the adventures begin. Ask your child what happens and 

how the musical ends.