Vision and Mission

Our Vision

  • Embrace - Each child through our catholic faith, tradition and culture.
  • Collaborate - To foster quality relationships that promote life long learning.
  • Connect - By striving for purpose and meaning in all we do.
  • Achieve - By creating an environment that nurtures success.

Pedagogical Principles

Embrace through:

  • recognising the uniqueness and spirituality of each student
  • acknowledging the diverse experiences of our community
  • creating a safe and flexible learning environment

Collaborate in:

  • creating an environment that promotes and values team work
  • developing quality learning experiences that challenge students
  • building and supporting relationships within our community and outside communities

Connect through:

  • linking learning to life
  • bringing school, home, parish and the world together to enhance learning
  • learning about valuing and respecting differences within the community

Achieve by:

  • creating meaningful learning experiences
  • utilising flexible learning spaces to engage students

Our Mission

With Jesus as our model we, the community of St. Anne's Primary School, work together in:

  • Celebrating our Catholic identity in the spirit of the Gospel
  • Providing quality teaching and learning in stimulating and challenging environment.
  • Creating an environment which values and respects each person and provides for their individual needs
  • Inspiring our students to make positive contributions to their present and future world through faith, hope and love.