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Religious Education

At St Aloysius we are committed to providing a strong and nurturing Education in the faith, knowledge and traditions of our Roman Catholic religion.

Through the Emmaus catechetical process our children are invited to reflect upon their own uniqueness by celebrating God's active presence in their lives and being guided by Jesus Christ as the model for all relationships.

Through modelling of, and immersion in, our Christian values our hope is that our children may be truly empowered to make decisions and take actions which make a real and positive difference in their lives.


Our Mathematics Program aims to achieve outcomes as prescribed in the Board of Studies Teaching and Educational Standards NSW Mathematics syllabus. The mathematical strands of Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Probability are taught sequentially to develop students' knowledge and skills in Mathematics. As well, authentic learning opportunities are provided for students in the areas of problem solving and working mathematically.

Teaching and learning activities are hands on, child-centred and focussed on creating an atmosphere where Maths is part of everyday living.


The St Aloysius literacy program aims to achieve Board of Studies Teaching and Educational Standards NSW  English syllabus outcomes through balanced and explicit teaching of reading, writing, talking and listening skills. Each grade prioritises a daily two hour block during which literacy instruction is the focus.

Our school has a strong commitment to the development of sound early literacy skills in a contemporary early learning environment. It is felt this is crucial to future success.

We aim to encourage and develop confident, independent readers and writers who display a life-long appreciation for, and love of literature.

Human Society and It's Environment

At St Aloysius the Human Society and Its Environment (HSIE) program is based on the NSW Board of Studies syllabus document.

In this area we aim to nurture individuals who can operate flexibly, autonomously and responsibly in a changing environment. This requires the formation and creation of patterns of thinking, valuing, feeling and acting focusing on people, cultures, societies and environments.

Human society and Its Environment incorporates gender, Aboriginal, multicultural, environmental, citizenship and global perspectives.


In Science students learn about Natural and Made Environments by:

  • Working Scientifically
  • Working Technologically

Science is aimed at developing a sense of wonder and expanding their natural curiosity about the world around them through their understanding of, interest in and enthusiasm for science and technology. At St Aloysius children are encouraged to address community values and be responsive to local community concerns. We expect that Science is not just a body of knowledge but also a process of investigation.

The children are encouraged to interact with the world around them through developing knowledge, concepts and skills which incorporate observation, systematic analysis and careful recording of information gathered.

Creative Arts

Our Creative Arts program at St. Aloysius assists the development of each individual by creating the opportunity for all to develop new skills, display talents and experience growth in the areas of Art.

Visual arts, music, drama and dance offer students opportunities for personal expression, enjoyment, creative action, imagination, emotional response, aesthetic pleasure and the creation of shared meanings. 

We encourage the children, through experience, to express themselves creatively using vision and skills. Creative Arts creates opportunities for personal and shared recreation. It is seen as a means to express enjoyment of our world.

Personal Development, Health & Physical Education(PDHPE)

At St Aloysius our Personal Development and Health program encompasses the development of positive relationships built upon effective interpersonal communication. Our main objective is to promote and nurture respect for the contributions, needs and efforts of others.

We achieve this through a number of school-based Personal Development programs which run each year. These include:

  • Peer Support
  • Anti Bullying
  • Student Representative Council
  • Classroom management
  • Pastoral Care
  • Positive Behaviours for Learning

Our classroom Personal Development and Health programs are centred around the following themes:

  • Growth and Development
  • Personal Health Choices
  • Safe Living
Our Physical Education programs encourage the physical growth and development of all students, support the acquisition of movement skills and nurture positive attitudes towards physical activity. 
  • There are opportunities for students to participate in various sports and progress through levels ranging from Interschool, Regional, State and National levels.