Our School and Parish Patron Saint

St Aloysius Gonzaga

Our school's patron saint is St Aloysius Gonzaga and his Feast Day 21 June.

On April 20th, 1568 St Aloysius was baptised. His parents, the Marquis of Castigione and his wife Marta had invited many to rejoice with them.

Aloysius' family were very wealthy and were related to European royalty. Instead of following in his father's footsteps, Aloysius preferred a life of devout prayer and service. From when Aloysius was very young it was clear to him what he must do with his life.

At the age of twenty Aloysius signed away forever his right to the title and lands of Gonzagas and became a Jesuit novice. Even among the young men training to be priests his love of prayer and holiness were noticed by all. His fellow students loved him because he was kind and willing to help.

In Rome he nursed the victims of a plague and before long he himself became ill. Aloysius died before he reached priesthood. On 21 June 1591 he died quietly as he gazed at a crucifix where he found strength during his period of personal suffering.

Aloysius was only 23 when he died. He was beatified only fourteen years after his death by Pope Paul V on October 19 1605.