A Little About Us...

St Aloysius is proud of its Catholic heritage dating back to 1918. This year is very significant as we celebrate our Centenary. We hope you will join us in celebrating this very special event. Our Catholic values are our reason for being!

Founded by the sisters of St Joseph and then just a few years later, entrusted to the Mercy Sisters, our school is imbued with the charism, culture and values of the Mercy Order, founded by Catherine McAuley.  As a community of believers, each Mercy school strives to proclaim the message of Jesus through the distinctive spirituality of the Sisters of Mercy.

The children and staff are aware of the history and story of our founder Catherine McAuley. As a Mercy school, we strive to reflect in our curriculum and practices and in the quality of our relationships with the students and with each other, the particular spirit of mercy which Jesus lived and taught. Our Mercy charism is particularly evident in our annual celebration of Mercy Market  Day and our partnership with the Sisters of Mercy and by a respect for the dignity of the human person and a strong sense of social justice and outreach.

Through our faithfulness to the spirit of Catherine McAuley’s vision, St Aloysius works to provide a Catholic Education which enables the formation of the whole person imbued with the Mercy values of Stewardship, Hospitality & Welcome, Excellence, Compassion, Dignity and Respect, Justice and Service which are championed by each grade every year.

Our Religious Education and Pastoral Care programs are therefore an integral part of our school.  We aim to provide excellent social and emotional learning opportunities to assist each student develop positive and respectful relationships.

We offer our students an engaging and challenging academic program. Our teachers are dedicated, highly skilled and pastorally caring and teach differentiated and relevant content to develop the necessary skills needed for the 21st Century. These skills ensure students think creatively, work cooperatively, communicate and collaborate effectively, and develop the necessary critical thinking skills for an ever changing world.

We ensure that each child receives access to learning programs that specifically cater for their individual learning needs, particularly in Literacy and Numeracy. Specialist teachers provide additional support for children with diverse needs, supporting them in achieving their educational potential.

We trust that your child will be very happy at St Aloysius Catholic Primary School and enjoy learning and growing each day. We look forward to working in partnership with you in the education of your child.

St Aloysius Annual Report to the Community

On this page parents and visitors can access the school's Annual Report . This report  provides information about the schools educational programs, student performance and other important data. Links to the Catholic Education Office and the Archbishop's Charter for Catholic Schools is also located on this page.