Tender Tales

posted 1 Aug 2018, 19:18 by Chris Boland


We invite you and your child/ren to join us for a Tender Tales session(s). It is a great opportunity for you to meet other parents, and for your children to make some new friends.

The children will sing some songs, listen to a story and do some craft work together while the parents have the opportunity to chat and have a cup of coffee. Babies - 5 year old children are more than welcome! Families who are starting next year at St Anthony’s are also welcome to join us. It is a wonderful opportunity for your child to meet other children that they will be going to school with. It is also a valuable opportunity for new parents to meet up with other parents.

It is important that you RSVP for the session (Phone 9805 0545 or email info@stamarsfield.catholic.edu.au) so that the materials can be organised.

Term 3 dates:

□ Friday 10th August at 2.15pm in the Parish Hall next to the school.

□ Monday 27th August at 9.30am in the HUB (in the school).

□ Friday 14th September at 2.15pm in the Parish Hall next to the school.

We look forward to welcoming you.